Electronic and Magnetic Materials

The area of Electronic and Magnetic Materials research brings together the basic principles of solid state physics and chemistry for materials science manufacturing. Molecular interactions are another name for intermolecular interactions. Melting, unfolding, strand splitting and boiling all require changes in molecular interactions. Rigid rotation and time dependence are the fundamental properties of electronic and magnetic materials. This is related to the computer simulation process for identifying physical motions to interact with atoms and molecules for a given time in order to create an evolution scheme.


  • Paramagnetic materials.
  • Diamagnetic materials.
  • Ferromagnetic materials.
  • Ferrites.

Related Conference of Electronic and Magnetic Materials

September 11-12, 2023

21st European Pathology Congress

Paris, France
October 16-17, 2023

21st Annual Pathology Congress

London, UK

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