High Energy Nuclear Physics

High energy atomic physics studies about the behaviour of nuclear matter in energy regimes. The foremost primary focus of this field is that the study of heavy ion collisions and as compared to the lower mass of atoms in other particle accelerators. At the very enough collision energies there are many of those sorts of collisions which are especially theorized to supply the quark -gluon plasma. Traditional atomic physics has been only dedicated to study about the nuclei which are gently administere

Using the high energy beams of heavy nuclei ions we will create states of nuclear matter that are very far away from the bottom state. At the very sufficient high densities and temperatures, the neutrons and therefore the protons should melt into their constituent quarks and gluons. Within the very high energy collisions of heavy nuclei the quarks and gluons are released from their hadronic bounds and form a replacement state of matter which is usually called as Quark-gluon plasma.

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